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New from McFarland Publishing, "The Original Jethro Tull - The Glory Years" by Gary Parker.

Fronted by Ian Anderson and populated by an idiosyncratic collection of brilliant musicians who at their peak resembled nothing less than a slightly pixilated troupe of wandering British minstrels, Tull  was one of a handful of truly great rock bands to emerge from the late 1960's. With insider accounts based on exclusive interviews with key band members and rare photographs from Ian Anderson's personal collection, "The Original Jethro Tull" by Gary Parker assumes its rightful place as the definitive biography of this extraordinary group.

Original Jethro Tull

The Fourth Order

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When tech nova Reid Temple and his partners announce 

they have developed a revolutionary energy source to 

reverse the ravages of global climate change, a 

stunned world rejoices. Privately, Temple battles to 

contain a malignant computer virus that has infected the new 

energy source and threatens the world with nuclear devastation.  


When Temple turns up missing, it falls to the woman he loves, 

Los Angeles news anchor Maddy Daniel, to piece together clues 

to the threat and the vile force behind it -- a murderous cult with 

a chilling ultimatum. Comply with our demands or 

three great cities will be destroyed. Your choice.

Win or Go Home


Only eight times in the last 120 years have two teams tied for first place on the final day of the regular season and square off to determine a division or pennant winner in baseball. Supplemented by interviews with major leaguers, this text examines these sudden-death games.